Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More Photos From South America - Peru

We have a few more photos up loaded from our travels around the continent of South America.

The smog over Lima.

The Peruvian coast near Pisco.

A poor attempt at Sandboarding.

Sunset over the sand dunes.

Our breakfast guest.

A maintenance port on an ancient aqueduct.

Columns in the monastery in Arequipa.

More of the monastery and the mountains behind.

Overlooking the Colca Canyon.

Getting close to a cactus.

Another shot of the canyon.

Boat making at the floating islands on Lake Titicaca.

Weaving on the floating islands.


Elaborate bow of a reed boat.

Climbing the hill on Isle Amatani.

Why we climbed the hill.


Market Stall.

Mountain near the Inca trail.

Us at Macchu Pichu.

A couple of Llamas.


A river in the Amazon rain forest.

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