Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Galapagos Islands

Words are completely inadequate to describe the Galapagos Islands so we thought we'd let the photos do the talking. Suffice it to say the Islands were everything that was promised and the animals, whilst not tame were amazingly unperturbed by our presence. Walking within inches of sea lions is unbelievable (if a little smelly!); swimming with them and playing in the surf with the babies even more so. Here's some of the highlights of the 100 or so photos we took:

Our boat 'The Angelique'

It's a Seal's life!

Marine Iguana

Land Iguana

Frigate male desperately seeks...

The majestic Albatross

Dancing Blue Footed Boobie


Ahhh! This one nearly came home with us


julie.gamble said...

I am loving the Dancing Blue Footed Boobie - whoever came up with that name must have been on something!!!!

juliahigginson said...

I completely agree with Jules, that bird is pretty cool! The Galapagos Islands certainly look beautiful x

alcampbell said...

your photos are amazing, I am enormously jealous!!!

Alison C